Nephi Running
Lehi sees a pillar of fire (1 Nephi 1:5-6)

Book of Mormon Picture Pages “Draw Your Own!”
Family Scripture Study for All Ages
2,241 Picture Page Captions with Scriptural References
covering the entire Book of Mormon

Build your house on the rock (3 Nephi 14:24-27)

Lehi sees a pillar of fire
1 Nephi 1:5-6
Drawn by Janiece
Age: 13

Jesus teaches to build upon the rock
3 Nephi 14:24-27
Drawn by Jackie
Age: 9

1. Enhance Comprehension by Drawing Pictures
2. 7 Benefits of Using Picture Pages
3. How to Use Picture Pages
4. "Will They Accept My Gift?" -- Origin of Picture Pages
5. Read Kids' Testimonials

Enhance Comprehension by Drawing Pictures
A Pattern for Gospel Learning
Doris Johnson, Author

With five young children I felt a strong need to teach my little ones to know and love the scriptures. I decided to use my personal scripture study time to create "Scripture Picture Pages" for my family. My objective was three-fold:

•Prayerfully seek scriptural accuracy.
•Write understandable captions so our children could make picture representations.
•Preserve the beautiful Book of Mormon language by using frequent quotations.

Over a fourteen-year period, I wrote captions on 2,241 pages that included the happenings of every verse in the Book of Mormon. At weekly "Family Picture Page Time," all seven family members drew pictures representing the caption at the bottom of his/her page—our family pattern for learning. The twelve volumes pictured include all those pages that were drawn week by week and year by year!  Read what the kids say.

.12 Volumes of Picture Pages

"By small means the Lord can bring about great things." (I Nephi 16:29)


    1. Establish a pattern of family scripture learning to develop and strengthen testimonies.
    2. When children draw pictures of what they understand—or are attempting to understand—an indelible impression is made on their minds.
    3. Picture pages provide a user friendly format for busy parents who desire to provide ongoing, meaningful scripture study for children of various ages.
    4. Self-expression of each family member becomes a combined family effort resulting in treasured family books that document individual growth.
    5. Regularly doing Picture Pages creates a family tradition of togetherness and bonding opportunities.
    6. Children feel self-worth when they know their own contributions are valued and preserved in the “Family Picture Page Books.”
    7. Re-reading the pages while viewing the family’s drawings cements the meaning.

Pahoran writes to Moroni (Alma 61:10-13)

Pahoran writes to Moroni
Alma 61:10-13
Drawn by Jackie
Age: 7

People contending with Alma (Alma 9:1-6)

People in Ammonihah contending with Alma
Alma 9:1-6
Drawn by Jared
Age: 12

How To Use Picture Pages

Prepare Materials

Obtain a binder and clear sheet protectors.
Create a binder cover with a drawing or picture of your family.
Print a different page for each family member.
Use pencils for drawing & colored pencils or crayons for coloring.

"Weekly Family Picture Page Time"

Parent reads one page per person and the family talks about possible illustrations. Each person uses his/her creativity to draw, color, sign and date his/her page. Everyone shares by telling about his/her completed drawing.
All pages are compiled into the family Book of Mormon Picture Pages.
As a family, frequently re-read and enjoy your Picture Pages!

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Nephi slays Laban (1 Nephi 4:10-13)

Nephi slays Laban
1 Nephi 4:10-13
Drawn by Jeremy
Age: 5

The Righteous Branch (2 Nephi 9:53-54)

A Righteous Branch
2 Nephi 9:53-54
Drawn by Jessica
Age: 14